3 Roof Maintenance Tips To Get You Through The Summer

Posted on: 22 December 2014

The care of your roof requires some patience and dedication. The type of maintenance that you get on your roof will often vary from season to season. What this means is that the maintenance that you provide in the summer will likely be very different than the maintenance that you receive in the winter months. Part of being a homeowner is to understand and master the necessary steps for roof maintenance, so that you can protect it from the damage that can compromise the value and efficiency of your home. 

So how does someone take care of their roof in the summer months? Use these tips, so that you are always armed with the proper information:

#1: Clean Your Drains And Gutters 

Taking care of your gutters is one of the most practical things that you can do for your home. When your gutters are packed with dirt and grime, they will leave your roof open to leaks. A roof leak costs an average of approximately $900 to fix, which is a pretty penny, especially when you consider that it could have been avoided with a little foresight. 

#2: Get The Roof Inspected Professionally

Getting your roof inspected two times per year can go a long way toward reversing aging and wear, preventing damage caused by summer storms, pinpointing potential leaks and so much more. By having a licensed and insured roofer come to your home during the summer months, not only will your roof stand a better chance of getting through the season intact, it'll also prepare you for the changes in temperature that come when summer is over. 

#3: Make Sure That Your Attic Is Ventilated 

If the ventilation system in your attic starts to fail you, you can leave your roof and your entire home open to leaks, mold, mildew and water damage. The reason for this is that summer is the hottest period of the year and heat rises.

When heat rises to your roof, the hot air will need some sort of outlet, or else you'll begin to experience humidity and condensation that can be incredibly damaging to your property. This will go on to weaken your roof and shorten its lifespan. 

Take heed of this information so that you are able to make it through the summer months with your roof intact. For any further help, touch base with a licensed roofer in your area or a company that specializes in roof installation and repair.