Take Care of Your Crepe Myrtle with Planting Parties

Posted on: 12 January 2015

If you live in the south and prefer a colorful view while sipping sweet tea from your porch, consider the crepe myrtle. From added value to displaying a distinct style, the crepe myrtle is a great option for a southern landscape that requires additional curb appeal. With proper design and maintenance, landscaping with trees, shrubs, and flowers offers a 100 to 200 percent return on your investment. Using this guide on the valuable, colorful, and appealing crepe myrtle, you will be a true southern belle.

Planting Party

A southern belle knows how to plan a party, so you may think a planting party is necessary for your new trees. Thankfully, you do not need linen napkins or crystal goblets of tea or lemonade to properly plant the crepe myrtle. To ensure your crepe myrtle grows in a healthy and attractive manner, use the following planting tips:

  • Time – Plant in early spring or late fall. While many people plant in the summer months due to the colorful blooms on the trees, your tree will require additional watering due to the intense southern heat.  
  • Location – Choose a location of your landscape that receives full sun.
  • Installation – To install the tree into your soil, dig a hole 3 times as wide as the root ball. Use the dug-out soil to fill in around the root ball. Then, surround with mulch.
  • Water – After installing your crepe myrtle, use your garden hose to water thoroughly.

Mad-Maintenance Tea Party

A southern belle loves outdoor get-togethers with friends and family for iced tea, but unhealthy crepe myrtles can quickly destroy the look of the garden. To create a whimsical, appealing style that corresponds with a southern belle's mad tea party, use these tips to maintain your crepe myrtle:

  1. In late winter, prune your tree to increase the amount of blooms you will have in the summer. Use a pair of hand pruners to trim a few inches off each branch. A pole pruner is best for reaching the taller part of your tree. Many owners of the tree prune the branches back a few feet, but this weakens the tree and decreases the structural look of the crepe myrtle.
  2. The crepe myrtle is a great tree for the southern humidity, but adequate water is still important. Once established, your tree will only require a thorough watering every few days since it is a drought-resistant plant.
  3. Fertilize your tree each year, as well, to ensure it receives proper nourishment. In the early spring, apply a slow-releasing, high-nitrogen fertilizer to increase its strength and blooms.

The crepe myrtle is a great addition to the curb appeal of various climates, but thrives in a southern belle's landscape. Using this guide, your crepe myrtle will be healthy, appealing, and valuable. Talk to your local tree expert, such as Treetime Inc, for more information.