How To Add Privacy To Your Home

Posted on: 23 January 2015

If you would like more privacy in your home and yard, there are many options you can choose from. More privacy will help you feel more secure and allow you to walk around without the feeling that you're being watched. By following some of the advice detailed below, you can create a more private home for you and your family.

Get privacy window tinting

If you have windows in your home then you should consider having privacy window tint put on those windows. The window tint will allow you to still be able to see clearly outside, but restrict those passing by your house from being able to look right in at you and your belongings. When you have window tinting you won't have to keep your blinds drawn and can let the daylight in knowing you aren't being looked at.

Have tall shrubs planted

If you have an area of your yard where you would like more privacy, such as your back porch, you may want to consider having tall shrubbery that blocks other people's view of the area planted. You don't have to plant them small and wait for them to grow, simply purchase them in the size you need and have them planted.

Install privacy screens

If you like to have your doors open, but don't want people to be able to stare right in at you then you can have privacy screens installed. Privacy screens will still let the nice breeze come in and can be seen through from the inside, but they will stop those on the outside from being able to see right into your home.

Have a fence installed around your property

Having a fence installed will provide you with privacy and keep other people, as well as animals, from gaining access to your property. You can go with a wooden fence to get total privacy or you can go with chain link fencing. If you decide to go with a chain link fence, then you will want to use privacy slats to keep others from seeing in your yard. You can also grow ivy on the fence to block the view of your yard.

You'll feel more secure in your yard and your home when you know random strangers aren't going to be able to look in on you and your family any time they want. The tips above will help you gain the privacy you are looking for.