2 Clever Ways A Gardener Can Repurpose Old Gutters

Posted on: 30 January 2015

Guttering is a crucial component for any structure, as the guttering is used to direct rainwater away from the sides of the structure and onto the ground instead. This helps protect the siding of a building from mildew, moisture and rot. Most guttering will last for around 20 years, which means that you rarely have to replace it. However, when the time comes for you to replace your guttering, rather than toss the guttering in the scrap metal heap, here are some creative ways you can repurpose your guttering around the house.

Self-Watering Systems For Plants

By adding sealed ends to your gutters and placing them flat on the ground facing up, you can actually use the gutters as a water trough for your potted plants. Essentially, you can make self-watering systems with guttering and water wicks for your plants.

Place the sealed gutter on the ground facing up and fill it with water. Place your potted plants atop (and centered) on the gutter. Run a fiber or cloth wick through the potted plant and down into the water in the gutter. As long as you keep the gutter filled with water at all times, each plant will draw water as needed through the wick. This is one of the most low maintenance ways to water your plants!

Container Garden

You can also use guttering as a hanging garden. Strawberries do especially well in this type of grow system. Simply seal off the ends of your gutters with metal caps, then drill small holes every 6 inches in the bottom for drainage. Fill the gutter with good quality soil, and plant your strawberries about 6 inches apart.

You can hang the gutters under your porch for a hanging garden effect or you can also leave the guttering on the ground face up, as long as you stabilize the gutters so they don't fall over. Keep the strawberries in full sun and be sure to keep them well watered—you will have a very low-maintenance strawberry garden for years.

This trough grow system can work just as well for low-growing plants such as lettuce, flowers and moss. Large plants with an extensive root system, such as tomatoes, should not be planted in the gutters, as they need more room and are very top heavy.

These are just two of the great ideas to help you repurpose your old gutters. Take a new look at your old gutters and find out how they can still be useful if you think outside the box! Contact a company like A - 1 Seamless Gutters Inc for help installing your new gutters.