Windows To Make Your House Entryway Unique

Posted on: 20 February 2015

Windows do more than just let the light in. The windows you choose for a remodel or even new build have the potential to influence the character of your home's façade. Select windows that reflect personality for your home's entryway.

Panes of Glass

If you want a lot of light to stream into your entryway, consider surrounding your door with panes of glass. Go big with wide windows broken up into individual panes. Not only does such a set up open up your exterior, the panes add the visual charm of a pattern.

Stained Glass

If you're really interested in adding pattern to your home's façade, consider having stained glass windows installed. According to Better Homes and Gardens, a patterned stained glass window allows you to enjoy the view while adding color to your room. From the outside, a stained glass window adds visual interest to the exterior.

Arched Bay Windows

Does your home open up right next to the living room? If so, consider having a bay window installed. Bay windows let natural light into your living space while also providing an extension of that space. An arch at the top gives the window a classic appeal. Turn the bay window into a seated nook, or allow the beauty of the windows to stand alone.

Custom Curves

Perhaps you're considering custom windows. If so, think about having windows fitted with circular muntins, or a strip of wood outlining the pane of glass. Adding a circle to the top of an arched window transforms the classic style with a bit of whimsy. Such a construction gives your home very distinctive curb appeal.

Geometric Windows

Another option for playing with geometry is varying the shape of your windows. Start with the expected narrow rectangle next to the door, echoing its shape. Top the door and window with a wider rectangle flanked by two small squares taking up the corners. Add a circular window nearby for a touch of contrast.

Clerestory Window

For a tall, narrow home, a clerestory window is visually appealing. Such windows originated in Gothic cathedrals, so adding one to your entryway lends gravitas to your space. Consider a window with a classic shape such as quatrefoil for an elegant ambiance.

Tall Transom

If you'd like to emphasize the height of your home but don't feel a clerestory window is the right touch, a standard transom might appeal to you. Use a large pane of glass to open up the space directly above the door. To really let the sun shine in, have transom windows installed above all the windows in the front.

The entry and other front windows create your home's first impression. Get creative with your window selection to make your home's façade unique. Talk to window experts like R & K Windows for more information.