Don't Follow Remodeling Trends, Do What Works For You

Posted on: 16 June 2015

You can improve the value of your home while also adding features you personally want for your own comforts. However, you shouldn't look towards adding value while making comfort secondary. One of the main ways that people seek to add value is through current remodeling and renovation trends. These trends aren't always a good idea.   

The Dangers of Following Trends and Fads

A trend represents a steady progression in one direction. A fad is a relatively quick rise and fall. Understand that both trends and fads can change drastically or die out completely at a moment's notice. That's why you shouldn't let marketing trends guide your renovation decisions.

If it's something new, you don't know if it's a fad or trend yet. If it's something established, you still don't know if the trend will continue into the future. To make it worse, many sites, magazines, listicles, and the like, often present fads as trends.

When Trends are Safe

Now, following marketing trends are fine, even ideal if you're selling sometime soon. If selling your home isn't something that's going to happen soon, or even in the next several years, then you shouldn't overly concern yourself with following a fad or a trend.

The only real exception to this is if the trend involved will save you money over time, or add some other benefit. For example, adding green features, or incorporating energy efficiency into design, are trends. But look at what makes them stand out from other, more superficial trends.

  • They help you save money and lower costs
  • They help both your local environment and the environment in general
  • You don't sacrifice comfort for them (except during renovation anyway)
  • They do increase the value of a property

These are all worthy reasons for a renovation. By contrast, you may want to renovate your kitchen. While searching for ideas, you notice everybody who's anybody is using granite islands that include extra draw space. You'll hear,

  • It adds modernization to the kitchen
  • It makes your kitchen look great
  • It increases the value of your home

Well, you only ever really wanted some extra cabinet space, otherwise, your kitchen works quite well for you. It's probably best if you follow your own path. You may actually renovate your kitchen, add that island, and find out it's an eyesore to you, and quite inconvenient.

Make Trends Secondary to Your Taste and Comfort

When you decide to renovate something, always think of your own comfort and enjoyment. It's your home after all. This is the place where you should find comfort, not the place you must constantly think of as an investment. When you speak to a professional home remodeling contractor (such as one from Crist & Sons Contractors, Inc.), make sure you inquire about the features you want first.

Once you see to your comforts, then you can see if you can find a trend that facilitates them. Remodeling trends are for remodeling businesses and contractors. It's an industry, so it's best to leave it to those that do it while you relax in the comfort of your newly remodeled home.