Four Tips To Help You With The Replacement Of A Damaged Submersible Well Pump

Posted on: 26 August 2015

If you rely on a well for water, the pump is one of the most important pieces of equipment. Without it, you will not have running water in your home. Submersible pumps can be prone to damage due to things like mineral deposits or hard water. If you have a submersible pump, you may eventually need to replace it when it becomes too old and worn out. Here are some tips to help you with the replacement of your well pump:

1. Gathering The Tools To Prepare For Your Pump Replacement

Before you get started replacing your pump, you are going to need a few tools. You will need to have a good light to see in the well casing, a T-tool, and hammer. It is also a good idea to have a couple of extra hands to help with removal of the pump, which will make the job much easier.

2. Turning Off The Power And Removing The Wellhead To Begin

You will want to turn the power to the pump off before you start working on it. Once the pump is off, you will also need to remove the wellhead. This is the cap that is on the top of the well casing.  Once the wellhead is off, you will be able to see down into the casing to the connections and pipes.

3. Disconnecting The Electrical Connections To Remove The Old Pump

Your well has a connection of wires, which can be disconnected with the T-tool. You will want to put it inside of the well and twist it to connect it to a pitless adapter. Once you have the tool on the adapter, use your hammer to tap it up until it comes loose. You should be able to pull up on the pump once the connection is loose.

4. Removing The Old Submersible Well Pump

Once you have the connections disconnected, you will want to pull the pipe out of the well. Using the pipe, pull it up until you have the pump out of the casing. You may want to have two people to do this. One can pull the pipe and lay it on the ground while the other is at the casing pulling it up at the well.

These are some things that can help you with the replacement of a submersible well pump. If you need help with the installation and repairs to your well equipment, contact a company like Valley Drilling Corporation of VA to get the help you need to keep the water flowing to your home.