A Good Concrete Resurfacing Job Keeps Homeowner Liability Risks Down

Posted on: 22 September 2015

Small imperfections in the concrete walkway leading to your home's front door should not be dismissed. Anyone walking on the damaged concrete could slip and fall opening the doors to a lawsuit. Relying on a homeowners insurance policy to cover any liabilities could be undermined if no concrete repair work was done on the property.

Beware of Damage to the Concrete

If grass grew out from under the surface to the point the concrete started to break apart, a contractor should be called in to fix the damage. The same would be true if the concrete started crumbling due to exposure to the elements or from breaking down from age. Keep a careful eye on the condition of concrete on the property. Ignoring these problems won't be helpful when filing a claim. An insurance company could deem the property owner is at fault for the accident because a hazard was not addressed.

There is no reason to allow such a disaster scenario play out. Basic resurfacing work may be sufficient to restore the concrete to pristine condition. Requesting resurfacing work is definitely going to be cheaper than absorbing all the costs of a lawsuit when an insurance company refuses to honor a claim.

DIY Jobs May Contribute to Negligence

The damage to the concrete might be minor enough you decide to fix things on your own. However, smoothing over the cracks and imperfections in the concrete may not be enough to free you from being at fault for an accident. Mixing up a little mortar and filling up cracks and holes definitely shows good initiative. This is not enough, however, as the job has to be done right. Lumps or missed spots can trip someone walking on the concrete. Smooth surfaces do not present such hazards.

If the end result is an uneven surface and someone falls, a homeowner who performed an imperfect DIY job may be considered at fault. As a result, another out is opened for the insurance company to deny the claim.

Hire a Professional Contractor

Problems with concrete should only be handled by an experienced contractor. Concrete that is totally falling apart should be broken up, removed, and totally replaced. Minor problems should be addressed with smooth, even, and aesthetically pleasing concrete resurfacing. Good-as-new concrete is safe to walk on and presents few risks. In truth, well-maintained walkway just might be the best insurance against liabilities. Really, the best claim is the one that never has to be filed. For more information, visit sites like http://www.mararestoration.com.