Tips For Protecting Your Boat Dock From Long-Term Water Exposure

Posted on: 8 December 2015

Living on a lake can certainly have many enjoyable benefits, especially if you have a boat. Taking care of your boat so it will always be ready to go out is important. However, maintaining your dock is essentially caring for a part of your boat because without it, it would be a lot harder to access your boat. Follow these tips for ensuring your dock can withstand the long-term effects of constant water exposure.

Replacing Rotted Wood

If you find boards rotting on your dock, composite materials are the best choice for durability and long-lasting beauty. Composite lumber is manufactured using wood, plastic and binding agents. Be sure to check with your area officials for any regulations about using treated lumber on your dock due to the chemicals used to treat it getting into the water. However, even treated lumber will deteriorate and rot if it is constantly in water or around high moisture. Making it a point to check your dock regularly for rotting areas can help you extend its service. If you decide to stain any new piece of wood you use on your dock, be sure to use only water-based stains and wait until the water is down as far as it usually goes during off seasons. In this way, you have fewer chances of the stain getting into the water where it can cause environmental damage.

Nailing It For The Long-Term Means Using Wood Screws

If any of the boards on your dock are nailed down, replacing them with screws is best to promote greater structural integrity. Nails are appropriate for some projects, but for your dock that will be pushed around by waves and docking boats, screws are a better choice. Choosing high-quality wood screws is a good idea because cheaper bands tend to break easily, sometimes during their initial installation.

Replacing Your Dock's Bumper Padding

If you still use old tires or Styrofoam lifesavers on a rope around your dock to protect it from boats rubbing against during docking, you should know a better material is available for providing that protection. Vinyl edging designed specifically for docks can be the best and most durable protection for your dock's rubbing rails. You can find vinyl edging at retailers selling other boat and dock supplies for maintenance.

Getting the most enjoyment out of your dock is easier when you provide the best maintenance for it. For more information, contact Abbott's Construction Services Inc. or a similar company.