What Happens When A Non-Biodegradable Product Goes Down A Toilet Or Sink Drain

Posted on: 23 March 2016

Your septic system is one part of your household you will need to maintain regularly in order to avoid downtime or the need for repair. One incident that can ruin a septic system is when someone flushes or pours a non-biodegradable product down your toilet or sink drain. Here is a rundown of what would happen to your septic if inappropriate items are pushed through the system.

Clogging May Appear In Toilets Or Sink Drains

When something other than human waste or toilet tissue is flushed down a toilet, it could be lodged since it is not made to squeeze through twisting and small pipes. The toilet would become clogged as a result. This leads to the possibility of the need to plunge the item back up through the pipe so it can be disposed of properly. The same scenario will apply for sinks in the household. The only thing that should be disposed of in a sink drain beside water is biodegradable food products–and then only if you own a garbage disposal.

Consistency In The Septic Tank May Become Altered

When chemicals are poured down a drain or flushed down a toilet, the substance in your septic tank may alter in thickness. If a chemical reaction occurs when the substance meets up with the bacteria and waste in the tank, this thickness may have difficulty further down the septic system process. The septic pump may become damaged from working hard to push the contents through the piping to the leach field. These pipes are also at risk for clogging or bursting due to the pressure of the following waste the pump pushes through.

The Septic System May Shut Down Entirely

If a clog does occur due to a large item or thicker consistency being pushed through the pipes to the leach field, a septic pump is needed. Usually, the first thing to falter would be the pump. If the septic does not have an alarm, this may not be noticed until septic waste starts backing up into the sink or tub drains and toilets on the bottom floor of the home. At this time, a call should be made to a professional septic tank cleaning service before the situation gets worse.

If the backup is ignored, the matter will continue to push its way into the home if it cannot successfully be pushed through to the leach field area. Avoid flushing toilets or using sinks until a professional can get to the home to assess the damage. They will clean out your tank, check the pump, and evaluate the piping at this time. If you're interested in this service, click to find out more.