3 Excellent Reasons To Purchase Marble Countertops For Your Home

Posted on: 29 April 2016

Choosing what kind of stone to use for the countertops in your home can be a very tough decision, because you not only want this stone to look great but you likely want it to be excellent quality as well. One type of stone that you should consider looking into is marble. It is different from other types of natural stone in its looks and make up and comes with several awesome benefits. This article will discuss 3 excellent reasons to purchase marble countertops for your home.

Easier To Shape Than Most Stones

One awesome reason to purchase marble countertops is the ease at which marble can be cut and shaped. While granite may have a hard time being cut and shaped because it is known to chip off and fall apart around the edges, this is not the case with marble. The marble can be shaped into triangles and other shapes for your countertops, while still holding its shape incredibly well. The softer makeup of the stone can also allow you to create decorative edges that would never be possible with some other stones that are often used for countertops.

They Can Last For 100 Years

Marble is an incredibly durable form of stone and can actually last up to 100 years. And if it is properly cared for, it will not just last but will remain in incredible, like-new condition, While you may pay more for your marble initially, the length of time that it lasts makes this price more than worth it for you. Just remember to keep your marble clean be washing it regularly. Also avoid using sharp objects on it and never place anything that is incredibly hot directly onto it, such as a hot pan directly from the stove or a hot curling iron.

It Has A Unique And Natural Beauty That Can't Be Imitated 

A lot of people are drawn to marble because of how gorgeous it is. The natural look of the stone and the mixture of soft colors creates an elegance and beauty that is incredibly timeless. You can find different pieces of marble that are primarily black and white, and others that incorporate some rose, yellow, gray, and green colors.  Also, because marble is created naturally, each piece is going to be unique in its pattern. Knowing that no two pieces are alike is often quite appealing to many people. To find out more, speak with someone like Rogan Granitindustrie, Inc.