Choosing A Building Material For Your Large Backyard Patio

Posted on: 24 May 2016

If your new home has a large area in the backyard that you would like to change from a dirt patch into a nice patio and play space for your children, then it is important for you to take all of your surface options into consideration. While you may have considered a concrete patio, you may not have thought about a less expensive patio made out of asphalt or a designer patio made from pavers or red bricks. If you are struggling with this decision, then the information below is designed to help you make this important choice:

Grouted Patio Building Materials

When you are trying to decide on the best material to use to build your patio, you first need to decide if you want a surface that is grouted or is a solid-surface. While solid surface patios are nice for children to play on and easier for the elderly and disabled to walk on, grouted patios allow you the option to use creative designs and really add a special "pop" to your backyard's design style.

Some of the most popular grouted patio building material options include:

  • red brick
  • pavers
  • slate
  • flagstone

In addition, if you live in a mild climate, then you may be able to have your patio tiled with outdoor tiles.

Grouted patios are not grouted with the same type of grout that is used in your bathroom's tile, but rather they are grouted with a fine sand. Sometimes, for a designer look, the patio can be grouted with either grass, moss, or even pea gravel.

Solid-Surface Patio Building Materials

If you plan to install a basketball hoop or have a backyard swimming pool, then a solid-surface patio is a better option than one with grouting. A solid-surface patio will have fewer issues with damage from pool water, and it will be easier for your family to play on without having to worry about tripping over the edges of paving stones.

While many people opt for a concrete patio, you might want to consider asphalt. Asphalt is less expensive to have installed, and with proper sealcoating every few years, it will last for a very long time. The black color of asphalt is an added plus when it is included in many landscaping designs. 

Finally, if you prefer concrete over asphalt, then you can have the concrete tinted and custom-stamped when it is installed for a unique look. For your large patio space, the concrete will need to be enforced with rebar and you need to be prepared for this cost in your contractor's bid.