Stash Your Cash: 3 Ideas For Hiding Places And Safe Storage For Valuables When You Remodel

Posted on: 22 June 2016

Remodeling your home can give your opportunities for improvements to your home. There are many features that you may be considering, but you may not have thought about adding hiding places for your valuables. When you remodel, you may want to consider features like adding safes, safe rooms and hidden compartments for your valuables. Here are some ideas that you may want to consider to add a stash for your cash when you remodel your home:

1. Create A Hidden Safe-Room For Security And Storage

One of the features you may want to consider for your renovations is a hidden safe-room or panic-room. This is an area of your home that can be used to keep your family safe in the event of a storm or home invasion. Not only can it be hidden, it can also be a good place for safe storage of valuable items. You may even want to consider using it as a wine cellar as well, which can be great if you are doing renovations in a basement area of your home.

2. Make False Panels To Hide Safes And Valuable In Your Home

There are also other places that you may want to hide things in your home. Consider making false panels that can be used to hide different items. This can be done in areas where you have wood paneling installed, or behind trim features like chair railings. Consider doing this in places that are more conspicuous, such as in plain sight in a living room or dining room. If your home is ever broken into, the more inconspicuous places are less likely to be found than in the typical areas like under your mattress or in a bedroom closet.

3. Add False Bottoms And Hidden Features When You Have Your Cabinets Installed

Cabinetry in your home can also be a great place to create hiding places for your valuables. When you have cabinets installed, talk with the carpenter about adding false bottoms to drawers for hidden storage. You can also hide things in the face plates beneath the cabinets. You may also want to look for a design that has dead-space, and use this space to do your own hidden storage areas. Get a copy of the design of your cabinets and take note of all the vacant spaces to design where the best hidden storage areas could be added.

These are some of the stash places you may want to consider for valuables and other uses when you remodel your home. If you are ready to remodel and want to hidden features, contact a general contractor to help with some of these ideas. Contact a business, such as ULF & Associates, LLC, for more information.