Want To Remodel Your Living Room? Add An Electric Fireplace

Posted on: 11 July 2016

The living room is one of the most used rooms in a home, and the majority of its looks revolve around the furniture that you put in the room. While the kitchen and dining room will make a difference in an open floor plan, you can only change a few things, such as light fixtures, built-ins, paint color, and windows. Adding an electric fireplace is another way that you can transform your living room into a special room.

Better for the Family

Although traditional fireplaces with a chimney bring a lot of charm and curb appeal to a home, it is not the easiest thing to build into an existing home. A better alternative is to look at electric fireplaces, in which you can find some models that go for as little as $200. A huge benefit to these fireplaces is that you do not have to worry about toxins getting spread throughout your home or outside. It is better for the environment, and it is a great way to have a fireplace without putting your family at risk of illnesses.

Perfect Focal Point

Any kind of fireplace can act as a focal point in a living room. Electric fireplaces are unique in that you can choose the kind of fire you want to display before you actually make your purchase. You can get a subtle yellow flame from end to end or you can find models that replicate what a wood fireplace looks like. With the ability to customize how the surrounding area looks, your design options are nearly endless.

While you can put an electric fireplace anywhere in your home, the best way to incorporate it into your living room is to inset it into a wall, which an electrician should be more than capable of handling.

Winter Warmth

An electric fireplace may not be able to heat up your entire home, but you can easily heat up the living room and especially the surrounding areas if you have an open floor plan in your home. It is possible to find models with both low and high wattage, so you can focus on ones that provide the most warmth. Also, if you do not live in an area that gets extremely cold, you can get by with a low-wattage model.

Although you may like the idea of having a wood or gas fireplace in your home, you should not pass up such an easy opportunity to improve your living room with the addition of an electric one. Contact a contractor, like Corrado Construction, for more help.