Want To Buy A House While In The Military? 3 Things To Prioritize For Enjoyable Ownership

Posted on: 9 December 2016

Being in the military is a little unpredictable because you can get stationed in so many places. It is also possible for you to be assigned to different stations with just a short notice. This means you have to set your living situation up in a way that you can move or get your family situated while you are gone. Buying a home might seem out of the picture, but it is still possible to make things work with proper planning. It will be helpful to prioritize certain features that can help you enjoy homeownership in the military.


If you are going to be leaving behind a family when you get deployed or stationed elsewhere, you want to make sure there is a healthy community that they can rely on when you are gone. Prioritizing neighborhoods with a high military population is one way to accomplish this goal. You can also look at neighborhoods that work together and bring the residents together on a regular basis for events. This can help your family feel included and make them feel safe when they do not have you around.


Another thing that you should look for is a turnkey home. Military hours are consistent, but they are also demanding and you may not be able to predict when you will be able to work on various projects. Buying a home that needs a lot of work may seem fine because you are willing to put in the time, but you are better off giving yourself and your family a home that is ready to live in comfortably right away. If you end up deciding that you want to sell the home on short notice, you will still have a turnkey property to sell, as opposed to a home that may have several unfinished projects waiting on standby.


It is beneficial when you can buy a home and know that it has great rental opportunities. Maybe your spouse will want to manage a vacation rental while you are deployed elsewhere. You can also turn it into a whole home vacation rental when your spouse comes along when you are stationed somewhere else. It is a great idea to look at the municipal restrictions for the city and neighborhoods beforehand. This will make sure you do not run into any issues with trying to rent it out as a vacation rental.

Owning a home in the military is possible and you can make sure it is enjoyable by following these tips.