How To Patch Asphalt

Posted on: 19 July 2017

If you have an asphalt driveway, it is bound to form a few cracks and holes over the years. Whether they are from the soil shifting underneath it, or from top surface damage, you want to fix these blemishes sooner than later. If you wait too long, cracks will grow and become much harder to fix. Patching asphalt is easy work if you use the right products and tools. This article explains the easiest technique for patching small asphalt cracks.

Prepping the Crack

The first step is to prep the crack. This will be very simple if the crack is just on the surface. If the crack does not go all the way through the asphalt slab, you just need to clean it out using a broom or vacuum. However, if the crack goes all the way through to the soil beneath, you will need to do some more extensive prepping. First, you need to check if there are any large cavities underneath the asphalt. You can pour sand into the crack to fill in these cavities. This way you won't waste a bunch of asphalt patch. Dirt is definitely cheaper than asphalt patch.

Using Premixed, Cold-Formula Patch

For small jobs you shouldn't bother yourself with hot-formula asphalt mixture. This is much more difficult to work with and only necessary for large jobs or complete pours. You can easily fill most cracks with premixed cold-formula. This comes in resealable bins, so you can fix new cracks as they develop over time. There is also no prep work or heating necessary. Hot-formula asphalt needs to be kept consistently hot when pouring it. This is a logistical nightmare if you don't have asphalt equipment. You can basically pour cold-formula patch directly into the crack.

Once you pour the patch into the cracked area, you use a putty knife (preferably plastic) to spread it around and make it flat. You want to use the putty knife to shape the patch and taper it down along the edges. As the patch dries, it might sink a little. Just add more to top it off.

To ensure that your patch lasts for a long time, use asphalt sealant. This helps the new patch blend in with the old asphalt. It also protects and waterproofs the patch.

Once you learn this simple technique to patch asphalt, you can make repairs to your slab, before they become big problems. Check out sites like for more information.