Five Key Components Of Any Good Playground (And How To Put One In Your Yard)

Posted on: 8 August 2017

If you visit any local playground, you will see that there are four key components in each. These components are the driving forces in playground design. If you also want to put a playground in your backyard for your kiddos, you can copy these components with multiple playground equipment options. Here is how to do just that:

Climbing for Large Muscle Development

Children develop the large muscle groups in their bodies by climbing. Large muscle groups include the legs, thighs, buttocks and back muscles. Almost every known playground has at least one piece of equipment that encourage children to climb for this very reason. Select a piece of climbing equipment that meets this specific developmental need and fits in your backyard.

Grabbing, Reaching, and Pulling for Upper Body Development

Climbing helps develop muscle strength in the lower body, but upper bodies need muscles, too! This is why playgrounds have monkey bars, objects for pulling, and equipment that requires kids to reach and grab hard to hold onto the equipment. Choose equipment that focuses on just upper body strength, such as rope ladders, monkey bars, rope climbers, etc.

Torso Strength

Every good playground has swings. Why? Because swings encourage abdominal muscle growth and strength. Think about it. Every time you lean back, you work your abs to keep from falling backward off the swing. Every time you leave forward, you work these muscles in the same way you would doing an ab crunch. Kids are doing ab crunches every day at recess without even thinking about it or realizing it!  Make sure you have a set of swings in your backyard.

Jumping to Release Energy

Kids have enormous amounts of energy. As a parent or grandparent, you are probably thoroughly exhausted after just a few hours of interaction with your kids. Sending them outside to play is great, but having something for them to jump and bounce on is even better. Trampolines are perfect for this activity level. They come in all sizes and will wear your kids out in no time. If you are worried about safety, many of these trampolines also come with safety nets.

Pretend Play

Because outdoor play is not all about muscle-building, you need something to encourage imaginative play outdoors. This often looks like a playhouse, a tent, or hidey-hole spots for kids to hide in and pretend to be monsters or cave-dwelling creatures. It does not have to be complex; kids can make/pretend anything if the structure is there.

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