Benefits Of Using Wall Braces For Waterproofing Your Basement

Posted on: 1 September 2017

When the foundation of your home isn't stable, it can cause serious damage and if not addressed immediately, it can make it unlivable. Water leakage in the basement may be the main cause of structural damage in your home. However, there are various steps you can take to ensure that your basement has a reinforced structure and able to deal with possible water leaks. The installation of wall braces is one way that could help to protect the structure of your home, especially if it has already been damaged by water leaks or flooding. The information listed below highlights some benefits on the use of wall braces when waterproofing your basement.  

Keep Walls From Buckling

Older homes tend to settle and the foundation may start to buckle inward. The heaviness of soil and water around the exterior of your home may also cause the walls to buckle. The use of wall braces help to provide additional support for the foundation. This is because the added structural support from the wall braces help to prevent further damage to the foundation. In addition, repairs can be made to seal off any cracks that also occurred due to the buckling of the walls.

Keep Water Leaks At Bay

When the walls in your basement begin to leak it can create excess moisture that lead to possible mold and mildew. This can be caused by leaks in the foundation of the walls from cracks and gaps. When you install braces for additional support it will prevent water from seeping through, allowing you to permanently seal off all gaps and cracks.In addition, if your home is equipped with a sump pump that is not in use and hasn't been sealed off, it can cause a moisture buildup problem.

Keep Up With Less Maintenance

When you install wall braces, you are lowering the need for continued maintenance and repairs as a result of moisture buildup and wall buckling. This means that you can possibly have your basement converted to another living space without worrying that your material possessions will be ruined by water and flooding.

Wall braces are considered one of the most common methods used when waterproofing and stabilizing your basement. As mentioned above the added support also helps to secure the foundation of your home. However, there are various types of wall braces to consider, including the use of steel beams. If you are uncertain about the type of wall braces needed for waterproofing your home, consider consulting with a contractor.