Once That Driveway's Done, How About Some Edging?

Posted on: 26 September 2017

An asphalt driveway that has just been installed and sealed looks really nice, but it can also require some extra maintenance and vigilance. Everything from cold temperatures to rain to bored little kids can cause damage to the driveway, especially the edges. One way to help protect the driveway is to add edging, which also changes how the driveway looks. While not foolproof, edging may be what you need to keep that asphalt driveway in shape.

Edge Support

The most obvious effect that you'd notice from edging is the look. The edging acts as a border that makes it easier to see the ends of the asphalt before it hits dirt. Those borders act as subconscious guides for drivers and people on bikes and skateboards. It's a little easier to avoid stomping on, driving over, or riding along the very edge when you have that visible border.

Avoiding that pressure from wheels and feet is important because over time, the pressure and weight can cause the very edge of the asphalt to crumble a bit. Get everyone to stay in the main section of the driveway, and you have better-distributed weight along the length and width of the driveway.

Cosmetic Touch

You can do some really nice things with edging cosmetically. Asphalt ending abruptly next to grass or dirt looks a bit plain and unpolished. The edging adds a nice visual border that you can extend along walkways as well.

Erosion Reduction

Rain washing soil away near the edge of the driveway can lead to erosion undermining the asphalt. It wouldn't take much pressure to break the sections of driveway over the eroded areas. Edging created from pavers protects the driveway from erosion by basically taking one for the team. If soil erodes next to the pavers, not only does the base of the pavers help stop the pavers from moving, but the asphalt will go untouched. Should something happen to the pavers, those are much easier to replace. In fact, you might even be able to just move them back in place. With a plain asphalt edge, you have to get a paving company to patch it, or to remove that entire section, fix the ground underneath, and then repave it.

Talk to an asphalt paving company, such as Boswell Brothers Paving, and see if they have an opinion on edging, and if they can add edging for you. If anything, they can make the edges of the driveway edging-ready.