Important Things To Consider About Entry Doors For Your Tiny Home

Posted on: 25 October 2017

They may be small in stature, but they are definitely big in popularity. Tiny homes are springing up in almost every state across the country. These humble abodes are all about exchanging a big life of commodities for a small life of necessities, but even creating and building a tiny home can take some doing. Even something as simple as picking out an entry door for your tiny home can be complicated by the smaller dimensions. Check out these important things to consider about entry doors when you are in the process of building your very own tiny home;

Tiny home dimensions can mean entry doors cannot be purchased prefabricated. 

If you decide you are going to build your tiny home yourself, you will likely pick up some floor plans you find online from one of the many tiny home design websites. This is an awesome idea, but don't expect everything that you need to be available at your local home improvement store, especially an already built entry door for the front of your home. 

The fact is, the overall dimensions of a tiny home are shrunken in size, which means a lot of home components will not fit that are prefabricated to fit the average house. Your tiny house may have a shorter ceiling height and smaller doorways than the typical 32-inch wide standard. Therefore, there is a high likelihood that you will need to have an entry door custom made for your new tiny house. 

Tiny home design may require that your entry door swing out and not in. 

If you take a look at traditional entry doors, they tend to swing inside of the house when they are opened. There are a few doors that are designed to swing outward instead of in, such as screen doors or exterior glass doors, but the actual front door of the house most usually opens in an inward direction. 

With your tiny home having so little floor space, it may be necessary for the primary entry door to actually swing outward to the exterior because you may not have a lot of room in the house for the door to open. Some tiny homes actually have skinny doors because of this, but it is a much better idea to have an entry door custom made so it will swing out where there is more space for it to do so. 

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