When Your Garage Door Is Stuck: Reasons Why You Should Not Force It

Posted on: 6 January 2018

Garage doors will get stuck. That is inevitable, especially after a decade or more of use. If your garage door has recently become stuck in an up or down position, do not force it to move one direction or the other. Here are some valid reasons why.

Forcing It Down Can Break the Chains

Forcing a broken and stuck garage door down to close it can result in broken garage door chains, or a garage door that you can never open again because the door panels have been jammed into an awkward position. If you break the chains and jam the door panels, you may have to replace the entire garage door, rather than just hire a garage door repair technician to fix the stuck door.

Forcing It up Prevents You from Pulling It Back Down

While you cannot break the chains on the garage door by forcing it open, you can bust the rollers and the tracks. You can also cause the panels to twist off the tracks, making it impossible to pull the garage door back down to close it. This creates quite a big problem, and an expensive one. Where the repair work might have been something relatively simple to fix before, it is not so simple anymore. 

If You Are Worried about the Partially open Door

If you are concerned that leaving your garage door open will invite trouble, theft, animals/pests, etc., you should call a garage door repair technician right away. He or she can schedule an appointment with you to fix the door. In the meantime, you can purchase a large tarp that can stretch the width and height of your garage door. Secure the tarp all the way around the opening of the garage door using waterproof duct tape. Do not leave a single edge untaped. Check the tape and the tarp daily to keep the tarp on the opening of the garage.

Usually, within a couple of days, the repair technician will arrive to fix your door. As for any vehicles that you typically keep in your garage, leave them locked in your driveway. As long as your vehicles are locked, they cannot be stolen. If your vehicles also have car alarms, then they will not be vandalized either. This really is the best course of action until your garage door is repaired, and it will cost you far less to repair than if you forced the door one direction or the other. Click here for more info about your garage door.