Window Installation Protections To Keep Your Home Cool And Bug-Free This Summer

Posted on: 10 May 2018

As the weather begins to warm up, it can be nice to let some of the outdoors into your home with fresh air and sunshine. Although you may want to let the outdoors into your home, your home's interior can become overrun by insects, and the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays can fade your interior. To help make it easier for you to allow fresh air into your home and prevent UV rays from entering your home, here are some tips to protect your home's interior and help you enjoy what summer weather has to offer without insects and solar heat gain being a problem.

Add Retractable Screens

Insects and bugs can be an issue outside during the warmer months, especially if you live in a humid climate, so you don't want them getting into your home through entry doors and open windows. A retractable screen can slide open or closed to either be discreetly hidden from view and allow clear view of the outside or to protect your interior from insects and the sun's warming rays.

And, if you want your screen to provide privacy from outside view, you can install a privacy screen in a heavier mesh to keep out insects and reduce solar heat gain. You can also screen off your porch area with retractable screens to give your porch a bug-free environment in an attractive and stylish manner. Talk to a retractable screen professional about installation and design and coloring options, or check out websites like to learn more.

Hang Curtains

Window curtains are another way to protect your home's interior from solar heat gain or to provide privacy. When the sun's rays shine into your home's windows, they can increase the temperature of your home, which can add to your cooling costs during summer. Ultraviolet rays can also fade and discolor your home interior fabrics and flooring.

Curtains made with a decorative fabric will add color and accent your home's design, and when they are lined with a white or light-colored material, they provide protection from the sun's rays by reflecting it back outside. This is recommended for windows that are south- and south-western facing to keep the afternoon sun from entering your windows.

Other styles of curtains can help preserve your privacy inside your home on windows that do not receive direct sunlight. If you want to only provide privacy to a certain window, installing cafe-style curtains that hang from the middle of the window to the bottom give you privacy but still allow you to have an outside view above the curtains.