Improve Working Conditions By Recycling And Tidying Up

Posted on: 27 June 2018

Although construction sites often tend to get messy, there are steps that you and your crewmembers can take to keep things as neat as possible during the construction phase. An orderly worksite will reduce the risk of tossing out materials that are salvageable and will make working conditions much more pleasant.

Seek A Recycling Company

If you have always relied heavily on your workers and yourself to transport recyclable materials to a recycling center, you are only making everyone's workload more strenuous and time-consuming. It may seem like a good way to save money, but you actually are burning up more money with fuel costs and wasted work hours.

Many materials can be recycled into new products, which is a way to salvage the earth's resources and reduce the costs associated with manufacturing new products from raw materials. A large recycling bin can be rented, and you even have the option to have it transported to each of your worksites. Request that the recycling bin is dropped off along the edge of the property that you and your employees are completing a project on.

Tell your workers that you would like them to take the time to sort through materials at the end of each shift and place ones that can be recycled inside of the bin.

Wood scraps, metal trim, and copper wire are all materials that may be encountered during a project that involves tearing down an existing building before beginning a construction project. Keep up with the number of items that are inside of the bin so that you can have it emptied prior to it being filled.

Use Tools And Trash Cans As Cleaning Aids

If you and your workers like to knock off for the day without putting things away, everyone will only be faced with a mess the following morning. Taking a little bit of time at the end of a shift to straighten up and inspect various parts of a new construction project will help you determine what steps need to be completed during the next shift.

A portable storage bin can be used to hold a vacuum cleaner, broom, cleaning supplies, rags, and hand sanitizer. Place trash cans next to the bin. Instruct your workers to begin cleaning up after themselves right before the workday is over. This ritual will become second nature, and your workers will automatically chip in once they grow accustomed to the new routine. 

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