Maintenance Tips For Your Residential Well Water System

Posted on: 7 August 2018

If your home uses well water and it has been a while since you have taken the time out of your busy schedule to inspect and maintain it, then the time has come. On your next day off from work, follow these tips to maintain your well water system like a professional well driller.

Tip: Run the Water and Inspect the System for Unusual Noises or Water Leaks

When the day arrives to work on your well water system, turn on your outdoor water spigot or the cold water tap in your home's bathtub. Watch the well pump cycle on and off. Watch the pressure tank to make sure it comes on and goes off at the correct pressure. If you are not sure what pressure your tank should maintain, you should check the owner's manual. If you don't have one, the information will be available on the manufacturer's website. 

As you observe the system as it is running, make sure nothing is making unusual noises, or no water is leaking anywhere along the line. 

Tip: Drain and Reset the Pressure Inside of the Pressure Tank

If the pressure pump on your pressure tank seems to cycle on and off more frequently than it used to, then this is an easy problem to fix by doing the following:

  • turn off the water coming into the pressure pump
  • turn off the power to the pump
  • run water out of the nearest tap to drain the pressure tank
  • let all of the air out of the pressure tank

Once the tank is empty, then charge it with the proper pressure using an air compressor or bike pump and then turn back on the water and electricity. When you turn back on the power, the pump will kick on and fill up the water portion of the pressure tank.

Proper pressure readings are important for preventing the pressure tank's rubber bladder from failing and keeping proper water pressure in your home.

Tip: Clean the Pressure Regulator Switch if the Pressure Pump Cycles 

If the pressure pump sounds like it wants to turn on and off or lags when you engage it, then the contact points are likely corroded or dusty. To rectify this problem, simply turn off the power and then use emery paper to clean off the contacts. Brush off any dust generated or rub the contact with a tack cloth and turn back on the power.

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