Find The Right Decking Materials For Your New Dock

Posted on: 17 July 2019

If you'll be building a new dock on your waterfront property, one important consideration is the material you use for the decking. The deck gives your dock its visual appeal and makes the dock usable. You have a few choices in dock construction materials, and you'll want to consider your budget, the amount of maintenance each option requires, and your preference for appearance when making your selection. Here are some common choices for the deck of your new dock.


Aluminum decking is often preferred for docks because it needs very little care. Plus, it's lightweight, so it's easy to dismantle if you ever need to work on the support structure underneath the deck. Aluminum decking comes in different colors, and you can even buy the decking in a wood grain finish so your new dock will look like a traditional wood dock. However, because it's actually aluminum, it will be much more resistant to damage from insects, UV rays, and rot.

Composite Wood And Plastic

Composite wood gives you a more traditional look, but since it's made from wood mixed with plastic, it is more durable. It won't rot or be damaged by insects. Pure plastic decking is made without adding in any wood fibers. This makes it lighter. Plus, PVC decking is made to be slip-resistant and long-lasting. PVC decking comes in many colors, and it's nearly maintenance-free.


If you're like many people, you may prefer a traditional wood deck even if it does require more care than something like aluminum or plastic. You have a few choices when it comes to wood decking for your dock. Pressure-treated lumber can be used in your dock construction if affordability is a big factor in your decision. If your budget allows, you could also choose cedar or a tropical hardwood that naturally resists water and insects without the need for injected chemicals.

Another option for your dock is thermally modified wood, although it can be an expensive option. This is wood that's been heated so that the moisture dries out. When the moisture is gone, the wood won't attract insects, and the wood becomes lighter and more durable. The wood also turns a dark color that makes it look like tropical hardwood.

Talk over your options with your dock construction company when planning your deck design. Many materials are suitable for building a deck, but making the right choice is important when you have a certain look or style you want to achieve. You may want a basic dock for your boat where maintenance is the most important aspect of the decking, but when you want to use your dock for lounging or entertaining, then appearance becomes more important.