River Rock? Tips For Using This Beautiful Material In Your Home

Posted on: 23 December 2019

Rocks are as different as the people who enjoy using them in their decorating and construction projects. This is especially true for the type of rock known as river rock. Unlike many of the rocks found in the soil of your garden or lawn, river rocks are softly rounded by decades or even centuries of exposure to flowing water in streams, creeks, and riverbeds. 

If you are looking for the right type of stone for your home renovation, construction, or landscaping project, here are some tips for using river rock that you may find helpful. 

Adding beauty to fireplaces

The addition or inclusion of a stone fireplace can add both beauty and value to any home design. While there are many types of natural and engineered stone that can be used for fireplace construction, river rock can offer a surface that blends well with any decor or color scheme. 

Homeowners can choose to use smaller rocks for smaller fireplaces and larger rocks for fireplaces that expand across an entire wall or another large area, which will add or maintain balance in the room.

River rock comes in many varieties, including granite and basalt, and often include variations in color that come from specks or veins of minerals, like quartz or feldspar. 

Creating radiant heat sources

The density and materials that form river rock make it a natural choice for use where generating radiant heat is desired. For example, homeowners who have a pellet stove, freestanding gas or electric fireplace, or a wood stove may wish to enjoy longer lasting comfort through radiant heat. 

By placing these heat sources in a corner or alcove and lining the walls around it with river rock, heat will be absorbed each time the heating appliance is on. When the fire dies down or the appliance is turned off, the heat collected inside the river rock is slowly released over time, creating continued, gentle heat. 

Buy only through a trusted dealer

Homeowners should know that not all smooth stones are suited for fireplaces or for use as a radiant heating option. It is also not a wise idea to consider picking up river rock from creeks, streams, and rivers near your home as these may still be saturated with moisture and more apt to break when subjected to pressure or heat. 

To be sure that you are purchasing river rock that will be suitable for the use you have planned for it, homeowners are encouraged to always purchase it through a trusted river rock supplier in their area.